The shift to long-term thinking – the NHS workforce in 2031

This episode sees Julia Tybura, Non-Executive Director with Liaison Group, talking with Peter about the current people challenges in health and social care, what he predicts the NHS’s workforce challenges will be in ten years’ time and the role HR might play in the strategic narrative.

In this episode:

00:00 Introduction
01:22 Why effective use of data is so important for healthcare
03:40 Data for current and future NHS workforces
06:45 How we can supply the 40,000 extra data specialists that the NHS is predicting we’ll need over the next 10 years
08:15 Digital career paths in the NHS
09:48 The new role of bioinformaticians
12:00 Trend analysis to provide a preventative approach to healthcare
14:24 The role of the Board in implementing a data lead workforce
18:49 What we need to prioritise and available tools to support

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