System Working and Collaboration: The transition and its challenge

This episode explores Darryn’s extensive experience so far of transitioning to system working across the Devon region.

Progress and Recovery – A People Plan Review

Ed and Eve reflect on the progress that has been made since the implementation of NHS People Plan, despite the impact of Covid-19, including the main achievements to date, how we hold on to the progress that has been made, what more needs to be done and what NHS organisations need to focus on as part of their Covid recovery plans.

The shift to long-term thinking – the NHS workforce in 2031

This episode sees Julia Tybura, Non-Executive Director with Liaison Group, talking with Peter about the current people challenges in health and social care, what he predicts the NHS’s workforce challenges will be in ten years’ time and the role HR might play in the strategic narrative.

The role of data and informaticians in transforming the NHS

This episode of in conversation with sees Julia Tybura, Non-Executive Director with Liaison Group, talking with Patrick Mitchell, Director of Innovation and Transformation at NHS Health Education England, about the role of data in the transformation of the NHS.

From the role of informaticians, to the impact of having a data-led workforce, Patrick and Julia explore how the NHS can use data to design the NHS workforce around the needs of the patient.

Growth in the NHS: How to maximise your professional development

We’ll be in conversation with Nicky Ingham, Executive Director of HPMA, who will be sharing her thoughts on professional development initiatives and new ways to learn in order to progress NHS careers.

At home or onsite? Remote working in the NHS in 2021

At home or on site? Remote working in the NHS in 2021 is what Dean Royles, President of the HPMA and Non-Executive Director of Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, investigates in our exciting new video and podcast series.