At home or onsite? Remote working in the NHS in 2021

At home or on site? Remote working in the NHS in 2021 is what Dean Royles, President of the HPMA and Non-Executive Director of Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust, investigates in our exciting new video and podcast series.

In this episode:

03:02 Benefits to remote working
06:00 Trust and presenteeism
09:38 Remote working of clinical staff and the effect on recruitment and retention
13:07 The necessary pace of change?
16:27 Leadership and development in a remote workplace
21:36 Putting NHS people at the heart of the recovery plan
24:28 Inputs, outputs and work-life balance
29:17 Drivers and enablers for cultural change
34:19 What do we need to prioritise in terms of adopting a new way of working, and recovering post-COVID?

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