In this episode:

1.20: What should Amanda Pritchard be looking to do first in her new role as Chief Executive of NHS England?

5.00: What role do resources (or lack thereof) play on leading the health and social care workforce?

13.40 What expectations do the new ICS structures bring to leadership in health and social care – at system, regional, national and local level?

19.49: What could ICS leaders do to ‘get ahead’?

22.20: How successful the NHS People Plan has been in its implementation so far

29.45: What should be prioritised as the NHS and Local Government and their workforce begins to look beyond the Covid-19 pandemic

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Leadership in the NHS – Steering us out of Covid-19

In this episode Julia speaks with Stephen Moir, who shares his extensive knowledge of NHS leadership and how good management will support the workforce on their long journey out of the pandemic. The conversation includes:

  • The impact of Covid-19 on NHS workforces
  • How ICSs can engage with the community to create integration
  • Prioritising people over buildings in the new future of the NHS
  • Reflecting the diverse populations we serve regionally, nationally and at ICS level

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